18th Annual Pharmacy Technician Conference

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REGISTRATION FORM - Incorporating Veterinary Compounding in Pharmacy Practice

  • Date: Feb 8, 2024
  • Time: 6pm to 7pm
  • Session Title: Incorporating Veterinary Compounding in Pharmacy Practice

Learning Objectives

• Identify different types of veterinary compounds
• Provide various types of dosage forms for veterinary compounds
• Recognize toxicities to be aware of when compounding for animals
• Veterinary counselling

A Statement of Attendance will be provided to those registered and in attendance at this seminar

Speaker(s): Sabrina McLean, RPh, East Coast Apothecary


Sabrina has been working in community pharmacy since the age of 16.  After graduating from Dalhousie College of Pharmacy in 2004, she practiced for a couple of years on Vancouver Island.

Returning home in 2006, she moved from corporate into independent pharmacy, where she found more flexibility and autonomy to greater meet the needs of patients.

In 2013 she found her niche in non-sterile compounding, which is an environment of constant learning and adapting to a variety of patient needs.  She finds it incredibly rewarding to be helping patients who feel like they have run out of options by providing a customized solution to their situation.  Sabrina currently works at East Coast Apothecary, where she is the pharmacy manager and the supervisor of the non-sterile compounding lab.  East Coast Apothecary specializes in custom therapies for pain, hormone replacement, low-dose naltrexone, pediatrics, veterinary preparations and more.  

Monday, April 15, 2024

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