Date: February 3, 2022

Time: 7pm to 8pm

Session Title: Pharmaceuticals in the Environment

This session will provide participants with the opportunity to:

  • Describe how pharmaceuticals enter the environment.
  • Understand the environmental classification for pharmaceuticals and the properties of persistence, bioaccumulation and toxicity.
  • Describe one example of wildlife that has been negatively impacted by the use of pharmaceutical use in society.
  • Understand how pharmaceuticals in the environment contributes to antimicrobial resistance.
  • Understand the important role of the pharmacy profession to be active stewards in proper pharmaceutical waste disposal.
  • Understand the available resources on disposal of medications.

A Statment of Attendance will be provided to those registered and in attendance at this seminar

Speaker Information: Gigi Y.C. Wong, BScPharm, RPh, ACPR, MPH

With the BC events of forest fires, heat domes and floods, our climate crisis is at the foreground of the thoughts of many. Some of us working in  health care may be bothered the amount of waste our health care system generates.

Gigi is a pharmacist who aspires to increase awareness of pharmaceuticals in the environment. Perhaps to inspire others to take action to minimize preventable drug waste in our health care system, or to encourage a flexible mindset to transform pharmacy to become more sustainable. Our pharmacy profession has the unique opportunity to be stewards to pharmaceutical use not only in patients but also to society – for the environmental health of our planet. Gigi’s professional interests is to contribute to where population health and environmental health intersects: sustainable health systems.

Gigi is currently also the pharmacist for Quality at Lower Mainland Pharmacy Services (Fraser Health, Providence Health, Provincial Health Services Authority, and Vancouver Coastal Health). Gigi’s current work is to support 26 hospital pharmacy sites towards compliance to a set of standards to ensure safe and sterile drug preparations for patients.

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